tisdag 11 mars 2014

Brev från Greta till Lydia 27/3 1919

Letter from Greta to Lydia 27/3 1919

My dearest Mother

Many thanks for mother's letter ! Mom writes therein as a decided thing that we will see each other this summer. It also thought so but Chris says no, we will not be able to get passport this year, but certainly next year. It's an awfully long time to wait , but a year goes quick . What I wrote in my last letter  about the amenities and food etc. I really  meant at the hotel and not at ma . If it sounded so I ask sincerely for forgiveness. I also  ask for forgiveness if I let mom understand that it was decided that we would come home. No one could be more sorry than I am. I am really longing  to see mom , Anna and little Cajsa again , no one can imagine.
After I had The Spanish flu  I'm so nervous, I who always tend to be so completely calm . But I try to overcome it . It is a chilling feel.
Today, Kerstin travelled from here to become a nurse to a doctor Wheeler in Clifton Forge. Va. Only 30 English mil from here . He is a surgeon and she'll have to help him with his operations, a very responsible place wich  I certainly think she can fill. Her new address: K. Lindman , co Hospital Clifton Forge , Va . USA
Yesterday she went dancing with some friends and had a lot of fun . She is very well liked by everyone here so if she does not like it in CF she can get a job here. But there was not any work here for 6 weeks, and when Dr. Wheeler rang she promised to get there and it is a work all year round . 75 dollars a month and we can visit her.
I hope mom is now completely restored. We are all healthy. Margeret is a little ray of sunshine , playing and smiles all the time.
Now do not be sad at me anymore. Will write again soon.
Give my love to  sisters

Mammas affectionate Greta

Chris and Bob 's gives their love

Brev från Greta till Lydia 8/3 1919

 Funny! When I had translated Gretas letter i turned to my pile of letters, photos, books and all and took some photos and I took these! As if somone helped me!!
" Bobbie" and " Bob with his doll and vagon"
I don´t know if he is 4 and a half though.

Letter from Greta  to  mother Lydia  March 8, 1919

Dear mother
Many thanks for Mom's letter that I received yesterday. It hurts me so that  mother was so ill, but I hope that mom is now completely recovered again . We have had this disease too. Bob and I have had the Spanish flu , Kerstin has had a skin disease that she got from a patient and Margeret and Bobby now have " Chicken Pox ", and have a rash over the whole body. I think it is Röda hund  in Swedish. The only one who has been healthy is Christian . Now we are well again but I was very nervous after The Spanish .
We have had a wonderful winter , not cold at all , with sunshine and we have ridden a lot. It is a wonderful sport and we have so many beautiful roads and footpaths to gallop on . Next week I'll start playing golf. Then Christian and I can go out and play together. Margeret is a real little sunbeam she smiles all the time. We call her Sunny Fun and Happy. She never cries
Next year we can probably go home ,and Chris says we must learn Bob Swedish first so we have started already . So now we can look forward to next summer , this sommar is  no one permitted to travel over except for business I think.
Mom can not imagine how expensive everything is here. In taxes we pay more than 10 % of the income Chris has . But this is all because of the war . And it is well that it is over now. Clothes are also expensive , but I hope it gets better soon. Kerstin have worked really hard during the epidemic ( Spanish disease ) here and now  she needs to rest . She was in bed for a week but is now on her feet again. She can start working when she can get a patient. It was nice that  mom got the Christmas gift and I hope mother received the $ 20 Kerstin sent in December.
Bobby will start riding this year. I had sent for a real riding habit and boots for him. I send a photo of Bob too , he is now 4 ½ years old and a big strong pixie (olydig) boy, full of humor and jokes.
Chris received mother's letter , he will write soon . We have an excellent good season here now. About 50 people come every day and the  ​​hotel is replete .
Best wishes from us all
Mom's affectionate


Brev från Greta till Anna 1919

Brev från Greta i Hot Springs Virginia till syster Anna february 4 1919

Min käraste lilla Anna
Du kan inte ana hur glad jag blev för ditt rara brev. Ja, jag har nu två ungar. Margaret är den allra sötaste lilla tös, lik mig med stora blå ögon och så snäll och rar. Vi trivas alldeles utmärkt här. Bor i en villa på 5 rum , ett stort "livingroom". All mat serveras från hptellet så jag har ingenting att göra- Vi ha en jungfru och en barnpiga som bor i ett annat hus och äta på hotellet.
Så vi har det bekvämt med 2 badrum och allting flott som ögat. 
Kerstin bor här hos oss och kommer att stanna. Chris är mycket förtjust i henne och kivas hela tiden med henne till Bobs stora förtjusning. Du kan inte tro vad jag är förtjust i min lille man. Han är så rar och trevlig. 
Jag vet att du och Helge är lyckliga, jag hade alltid en "soft spot" i mitt hjärta för honom. Hvad det ska bli roligt få se er alla igen och dina 2 söta små barn. Bobby ochj ag ha båda just tillfrisknat från Spanska ...(?) som grasserar värre i hela USA. Kerstin har arbetat som en slav och doktorerna här kunna ej berömma henne nog . Hon är en utmärktsjuksköterska. Hon var med mig när Margeret kom och skötte mig utmärkt. Vi rida rätt mycket. Du skulle se Kitta, hon galopperar mest hela tiden medan jag rider med ridmästaren som alltid är med oss. Man ser ej Kerstin på hela tiden, hon skjuter iväg som en pil. Ja, Kitta är verkligen söt, alla tycka om henne. 
Ja, min kära syster , hälsa nu Helge och barnen så mycket och må så gott. När kommer den 3dje ungen?
Chris ber hälsa så och Kerstin och Bob
Din egen syster Greta

måndag 10 mars 2014

1916 i Chicago

Feb 10 1916 from Greta to Lydia Chicago
…Maybe Chris can get a job in New York this spring with 7000 a year. It would be a good thing and a much better job. Now he has a lot of work and it may be that he is getting 6 weeks free every second year so we can go home together. It is not possible for you to come over to New York this summer. The war continous so heatedly.
... It was sad to hear that the mother had been hurt so badly. Hope mom is better but it was fun to hear that Anna had her little girl. Brita looks to be a real little skälmunge . Bob is a little rascal but so sweet with such regular features ... Kerstin , I have not seen for a few weeks , she is now working  night this month, but I'm waiting for her here every day now for the month is over now and  they get a few days free and then she can come home . Then we'll have a nice time and go to the theater , etc. . All feel so good about Kerstin at the hospital . A friend of mine was there and got .. and all the nurses praised Kitta . She has such a pleasant way and everyone think she is so adorable and her voice is so likable ( when she speaks , sings , I do not know ) I'll miss her if we go to New York. We'll try to get her there in a Hospital. It will probably be a bit lonely for her here. Our relatives see we only during major holidays and when they come , everybody in a high - by the way Kitta does not like them very much except uncle of course.
  ( Then Greta writes that she does not think that the mother should work too much. Nowadays , Greta feels gratitude for everything mom made for them and says that now she puts a high value on the good home they always had , even when ma had a hard time with? (looks like kafvan

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För 100 år sedan...

Letter from Greta, 21, to Lydia from Manson  Royale 28 feb 1913 (Cuba)
...and so I have written a silly letter to GL and told Christian to write too and ask for " my little hand" .å. So now is that fixed. ... I am extra happy to hear that Kitta and the boys  are doing good......Christians letters every day sweetens life for me also.

Letter from Christian to Lydia from Hotel and Annex, Chicago  10 march 1913 where he thanks Lydia for a very nice letter, and that he is longing for Greta and has asked Häradshövdingen in Jönköping for his concent to marry Greta.

And then came this nice letter from Pastor Elof K Jonson to Lydia where he explains that her doughter is married to Christian and that they are very much in love! This must be a pastor that can imagine how a mother on the other side of the Atlantic is feeling when she can not be at her doughters wedding!,

Chicago den 1 okt 1913
Kära fru Lindman
Jag har härmed äran meddela Er att Er dotter Margaret blef den 24 sistlidne i äktenskap förenad med herr C. R. Andersen enl. Svenskt luterskt (?) formulär men i engelsk öfversättning. Vigseln ägde rum i Er broder F. Andréns hem i Berwyn (?) Det var en skön och oförgätlig stund. De unga äro innerligen fästade vid hvarandra så att man med skäl kan säga: Se, huru de älska hvarandra! ...... De båda gåfvo mig det allra bästa intryck. Herr Andersen är en ovanligt begåfvad man och därtill redlig och karaktärsfast. ...

fredag 13 december 2013

The creek och Jean och Mac och cottage 10 bl a

Morbror Chris skriver i sitt brev till mig detta bl a. Hela brevet finns på min sida
We lived at cottage 10. Our bedroom was on 2nd floor. Had a porch around ¾ of house and we used to ride our tricycles around it. We had a flood in 1928 and the creek overflowed and I remembered I learned to whistle then. Else and I were real close had a colliedog “Rough” who watched over us when we were outside. We started schoolwhen we were 5 at Miss Noera´s. All students were children of Hotel employees. We both liked school and learned to sing French childrens songs. Some I still remember today “ Savey vous plantee les choix” “Il etat et un bigera que guarde ses mouton “ ( Ask your mother if she remembers them)
We used to go to Dads camp on the cowpasture river a log cabin, swam in the river and fished, had a lot of fun. 


 Mamma har alltid berättat så varmt om Jean, sjuksköterska, och Mac. Och många gånger har vi hört om när de leker vid the creek. Det var många bilder på stället där de fiskar.
Bilden där de står under Maggies beskydd är så fin.

torsdag 12 december 2013

Bilder från ett fotoalbum

Mammas gamla fina fotoalbum innehöll bilder från USA och barndomen. Inga från något stort hotell utan från "farmen" som mamma pratat om och med Maggie och med barnskötare. Tråkigt att vi inte hann prata om bilderna. Kan vara så att mamma inte ville ta fram dessa minnen?