fredag 13 december 2013

The creek och Jean och Mac och cottage 10 bl a

Morbror Chris skriver i sitt brev till mig detta bl a. Hela brevet finns på min sida
We lived at cottage 10. Our bedroom was on 2nd floor. Had a porch around ¾ of house and we used to ride our tricycles around it. We had a flood in 1928 and the creek overflowed and I remembered I learned to whistle then. Else and I were real close had a colliedog “Rough” who watched over us when we were outside. We started schoolwhen we were 5 at Miss Noera´s. All students were children of Hotel employees. We both liked school and learned to sing French childrens songs. Some I still remember today “ Savey vous plantee les choix” “Il etat et un bigera que guarde ses mouton “ ( Ask your mother if she remembers them)
We used to go to Dads camp on the cowpasture river a log cabin, swam in the river and fished, had a lot of fun. 


 Mamma har alltid berättat så varmt om Jean, sjuksköterska, och Mac. Och många gånger har vi hört om när de leker vid the creek. Det var många bilder på stället där de fiskar.
Bilden där de står under Maggies beskydd är så fin.

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