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Brev från Greta till Lydia 27/3 1919

Letter from Greta to Lydia 27/3 1919

My dearest Mother

Many thanks for mother's letter ! Mom writes therein as a decided thing that we will see each other this summer. It also thought so but Chris says no, we will not be able to get passport this year, but certainly next year. It's an awfully long time to wait , but a year goes quick . What I wrote in my last letter  about the amenities and food etc. I really  meant at the hotel and not at ma . If it sounded so I ask sincerely for forgiveness. I also  ask for forgiveness if I let mom understand that it was decided that we would come home. No one could be more sorry than I am. I am really longing  to see mom , Anna and little Cajsa again , no one can imagine.
After I had The Spanish flu  I'm so nervous, I who always tend to be so completely calm . But I try to overcome it . It is a chilling feel.
Today, Kerstin travelled from here to become a nurse to a doctor Wheeler in Clifton Forge. Va. Only 30 English mil from here . He is a surgeon and she'll have to help him with his operations, a very responsible place wich  I certainly think she can fill. Her new address: K. Lindman , co Hospital Clifton Forge , Va . USA
Yesterday she went dancing with some friends and had a lot of fun . She is very well liked by everyone here so if she does not like it in CF she can get a job here. But there was not any work here for 6 weeks, and when Dr. Wheeler rang she promised to get there and it is a work all year round . 75 dollars a month and we can visit her.
I hope mom is now completely restored. We are all healthy. Margeret is a little ray of sunshine , playing and smiles all the time.
Now do not be sad at me anymore. Will write again soon.
Give my love to  sisters

Mammas affectionate Greta

Chris and Bob 's gives their love

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