måndag 10 mars 2014

1916 i Chicago

Feb 10 1916 from Greta to Lydia Chicago
…Maybe Chris can get a job in New York this spring with 7000 a year. It would be a good thing and a much better job. Now he has a lot of work and it may be that he is getting 6 weeks free every second year so we can go home together. It is not possible for you to come over to New York this summer. The war continous so heatedly.
... It was sad to hear that the mother had been hurt so badly. Hope mom is better but it was fun to hear that Anna had her little girl. Brita looks to be a real little skälmunge . Bob is a little rascal but so sweet with such regular features ... Kerstin , I have not seen for a few weeks , she is now working  night this month, but I'm waiting for her here every day now for the month is over now and  they get a few days free and then she can come home . Then we'll have a nice time and go to the theater , etc. . All feel so good about Kerstin at the hospital . A friend of mine was there and got .. and all the nurses praised Kitta . She has such a pleasant way and everyone think she is so adorable and her voice is so likable ( when she speaks , sings , I do not know ) I'll miss her if we go to New York. We'll try to get her there in a Hospital. It will probably be a bit lonely for her here. Our relatives see we only during major holidays and when they come , everybody in a high - by the way Kitta does not like them very much except uncle of course.
  ( Then Greta writes that she does not think that the mother should work too much. Nowadays , Greta feels gratitude for everything mom made for them and says that now she puts a high value on the good home they always had , even when ma had a hard time with? (looks like kafvan

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