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Brev från Greta till Lydia 8/3 1919

 Funny! When I had translated Gretas letter i turned to my pile of letters, photos, books and all and took some photos and I took these! As if somone helped me!!
" Bobbie" and " Bob with his doll and vagon"
I don´t know if he is 4 and a half though.

Letter from Greta  to  mother Lydia  March 8, 1919

Dear mother
Many thanks for Mom's letter that I received yesterday. It hurts me so that  mother was so ill, but I hope that mom is now completely recovered again . We have had this disease too. Bob and I have had the Spanish flu , Kerstin has had a skin disease that she got from a patient and Margeret and Bobby now have " Chicken Pox ", and have a rash over the whole body. I think it is Röda hund  in Swedish. The only one who has been healthy is Christian . Now we are well again but I was very nervous after The Spanish .
We have had a wonderful winter , not cold at all , with sunshine and we have ridden a lot. It is a wonderful sport and we have so many beautiful roads and footpaths to gallop on . Next week I'll start playing golf. Then Christian and I can go out and play together. Margeret is a real little sunbeam she smiles all the time. We call her Sunny Fun and Happy. She never cries
Next year we can probably go home ,and Chris says we must learn Bob Swedish first so we have started already . So now we can look forward to next summer , this sommar is  no one permitted to travel over except for business I think.
Mom can not imagine how expensive everything is here. In taxes we pay more than 10 % of the income Chris has . But this is all because of the war . And it is well that it is over now. Clothes are also expensive , but I hope it gets better soon. Kerstin have worked really hard during the epidemic ( Spanish disease ) here and now  she needs to rest . She was in bed for a week but is now on her feet again. She can start working when she can get a patient. It was nice that  mom got the Christmas gift and I hope mother received the $ 20 Kerstin sent in December.
Bobby will start riding this year. I had sent for a real riding habit and boots for him. I send a photo of Bob too , he is now 4 ½ years old and a big strong pixie (olydig) boy, full of humor and jokes.
Chris received mother's letter , he will write soon . We have an excellent good season here now. About 50 people come every day and the  ​​hotel is replete .
Best wishes from us all
Mom's affectionate


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